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 Packages Guidelines

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PostSubject: Packages Guidelines   Packages Guidelines EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 3:31 am

Hi, Guest!

What are packages? Packages is where you can request for a packager to add a certain amount of posts to your forum, and make it more active.

How Do I Request A Package? To request a package, go to the packages section of Advertise Mania, then create a new topic and use the following code to request your package:

[b]Forum URL:
Package Type:
Does Your Forum Need Email Verification For Registration:
Other Notes (OPTIONAL):[/b]

PLEASE NOTE: Any requests that do not use the above code, will be automatically rejected and locked.

What are the types of Packages? The types of packaging and prices are listed:

Bronze Package
10 posts
1 member
Cost: 10 Buddy-Bucks

Silver Package
25 posts
1 member
Cost: 30 Buddy-Bucks

Gold Package
50 posts
1 member
Cost: 60 Buddy-Bucks

Platinum Package
100 posts
1 member
Cost: 200 Buddy-Bucks

Luxury Package
250 posts
1 member
Cost: 450 Buddy-Bucks

That's all folks!

Packages Guidelines Finall12
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Packages Guidelines
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